Leaving for Katmandu

Marcia Macdonald and board members Bianca Gray and Dana Berenson are meeting in Katmandu late this month with Mingma and others. They will trek to Deboche to speak with the nuns, take photos, and finalize plans for the new building.

I would like to ask all my friends and Facebook pals to sponsor my climb in the Himalayas to support our foundation - The Deboche Project - dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the oldest Tibetan convent in the Nepal Himalaya. As many of you know, I have had a long 'knee' recovery after 4 trips to the OR...the last major operation being this past fall. I have trained now for over two years to get my knee to flex enough to attempt this climb. It will be the toughest physical challenge I have faced and I am totally dedicated to accepting and conquering this challenge for the benefit of these courageous women who struggle to survive in one of the harshest environment on the planet.
As much work as we done to accomplish our goals the convent suffered extensive damage from the devastating earthquakes of 2015. We are now about to start construction of a new residence and teaching facility. We are so close to achieving our financial goals - but we need your help.
The Deboche Project is a registered US based 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity. We urge you to click on 'You Can Help'. Follow us here and on Facebook on our journey to this incredible region in the shadow of Mt. Everest
Takcheche..thank you to all my friends and my amazing support crew...Marcia