Little by little, the oldest convent in the Nepal Himalaya was being restored by friends from around the world. Their efforts had provided clean water, cooking facilities and warm sleeping space for the nuns who call Deboche home. These courageous and compassionate women had risked their lives crossing the treacherous Nangpa La pass from Tibet in order to settle in this quiet valley and pray for the suffering of the earth.

Like many other places, the Deboche convent was devastated by the April earthquake. It’s central building, the Prayer Hall, which houses beautiful and historically significant works of art, experienced structural damage and is now further threatened by the impending monsoons.

Please help us save this culturally significant and spiritually beautiful part of the highest place on earth.

Buddhism anchors the cultural identity of Tibetans, Lobas, and Sherpas and by supporting a nun so that she can study the Dharma you are also supporting the high Himalayan communities from the soul up, in a way that more corporal forms of aid never could.
— Erica Stone: President of the American Himalayan Foundation
Meditation and good teaching center is very important for Sherpa and Tibetan culture and language preservation. Many new Sherpa and Tibetan nuns will benefit. Underprivileged Sherpa girls will have a place to live and practice. Sherpa culture, heritage and language will be reserved for generations and generations. I will pray for the success.
— Lama Geshi, Pangboche Monastery